Parenting Escapes

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Parenting is and will always be an Adventure! Sometimes you find yourself missing the old days when it was just the two of you… before kids. Maintaining a healthy relationship means balancing the Parenting Adventure and reconnect through parenting escapes.

A parenting escape is not about ditching the kids. It is about reconnect as a couple and spending time reinforcing your connection and commitment to each other. The relationship can take a hit if you don’t take the time to relax with each other once in a while. Numerous articles back up the overall wellness of escaping the kids. Ditching the kids can be good for your mental health and ultimately make you a better and more caring parent.

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Jen and I have always enjoyed outdoor activities. Throwing kids into the mix makes it difficult to explore certain aspects of the world to the extent we used to. It is important that we still get out and be active together.

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Parenting escapes can happen at any moment. It is the concept of just doing something together for the sake of being together. Like a mini-vacation without kids.

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Finding ways to maximize time together doesn’t take an act of god. It just takes patience and understanding to know your partner still likes spending time with you too.

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