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Parenting is a difficult but rewarding experience. This site is dedicated to sharing the joy of having a family. We hope our stories are educational and inspire others to enjoy the chaos that makes life an adventure. We all know it is those adventures that make life worth living. Sticking to the proverbial script will get you through it but who wants to look back on the safety of a rule book. Lets mix things up a bit and embark on a mutual journey.

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Josh (Dad) is a Sports Medicine Physician. He has an educational background in Molecular Neuroscience with a Masters Degree in Cyber Security. Josh loves looking at opportunities with a mindset to mitigate risk. It is not in his nature to say no, but instead to align the goals with a safe and sustainable outcome. With enough effort, anything is possible.
Jen (Mom) is a Biologist and quality control expert. She traded in her lab goggles for the chance to be a full time mom. Her ability to find fun in every activity provides the ideal balance to Dad’s risk mitigation. She loves finding the bright side in everything. Jen is everyone’s best friend from the moment you meet her. She is Dads ideal partner in crime.

Your Support is Essential. I encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions. We love sharing our experiences and hearing your feedback. Please feel free to let us know what you would like more of or if you have any suggestions for us.


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