travel with the family

If you enjoy traveling but are reluctant to do so because your work schedule, or fear of having kids with you, take a look below. These are curated stories about our travel with our kids. Choose your travel adventure below.

Prior to having kids, Jen and I would travel based on the activities we wanted to participate in. We have always been on the adventurous side and enjoy being outdoors. Jen loves being in the snow, and I have always loved the beach. There are a few locations that allow for us to enjoy both the mountains and the coast. You will find that Santa Cruz is one of our favorite destinations to visit for this exact reason.

minivan in the snow

The infamous minivan… one of the most painful things a man can buy. It is also one of the most functional things we own. We recently upgraded to the much larger Sprinter Van.

When it’s not snowing, mountain biking has always been another hobby for us. Physical activity combined with beautiful scenery always makes for a good time for everyone.

Josh surfing

Of course surfing is another favorite travel destination. The majority of our trips usually end up with us on a beach somewhere.

As you read the travel stories, I hope inspiration finds you. Details of locations, accommodations, and other considerations are available within the body of the text. These stories should give you a rough outline to plan short trips that are both fun and educational. We are always looking for new places to check out. If questions arise, please feel free to reach out to us.

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    A few weeks ago I had surgery for a bleeding ulcer and horrible acid reflux. I had taken several weeks off work anticipating I would be in a rough position…
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    My son and I have been playing with small drones for over a year now. He has shown an affinity for anything remote piloted and his skill develops way faster…
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    I love Halloween. Although, any holiday that encourages me to eat like crap without having to awkwardly purchase a gift for someone is a massive win. Halloween is only second…
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    A small town nestled in the foothills of Southern California. Oak Glen contains a hand full of apple orchards. Located only a short drive from Los Angeles, it makes for…
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    Anyone who has driven in a beach town can understand the difficulties of “clearance” when driving a larger vehicle. Parking an extended wheel base Sprinter Van can be difficult and…


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