lily reviewing masks

If there is a product on the market geared towards families… chances are we have come across it. If we think it will be an essential part of daily life, we let the kids put it to the test and give their reviews. If we make the actual endorsement, it is because it has earned a spot in our daily lives.

There comes a time in life when consumerism is a must with some products. Typically, I try to teach the kids the idea of buying disposable goods is a waste of time and money. The kids believe that dad can fix ANYTHING. I learned this skill from my grandfather and through a lifetime of building hotrods and custom motorcycles prior to medical school.

I absolutely love pushing things to their limits. The kids already know that if they break a toy, dad is going to rebuild it faster and louder than it previously was. This presents an amazing opportunity to teach them that being different is ALWAYS a good thing.

josh working on bike
Josh fixing RC car

The biggest influence in my life that brought me to this stage was growing up in the action sports world. The idea of pushing limits and doing things when no one thought it was possible is a welcome challenge. This doesn’t mean everything is possible, or every alternative review is positive. It does mean that kids learn to see failure as an opportunity for improvement.

I hope you enjoy the ride in these reviews. It is always a privilege to let the kids unleash their creative, albeit destructive, energy out on commodities. Whatever is leftover, is what becomes a fully endorsed product.


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