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Life is a journey we all share. Everyone has a story to tell. All too often those stories are told without a second thought to the impact those moments had on our lives. This website is dedicated to looking back at the parenting mistakes that turned out to be educational moments with lasting impacts on the entire family. We hope our stories inspire others to spend more time with their families and enjoy life.

ParentingAdventures Kids in Utah

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ParentingAdventures Categories:

The categories below are direct links to the applicable stories. If you see something you like and can’t find it later, it should be in the Blog Archives. I will update each category regularly. It depends on what is happening in our lives. We try to get out of the house on a weekly basis. However, our adventures are our content and any updates are directly related to what we do. We are real people with real lives.

Travel for the Family

ParentingAdventures family on road trip through Zion

Curated stories of our family trips. These stories often give details of how you can recreate the same adventure with your family.

Health and Wellness

Elf on the shelf in hospital bed

Selected stories about health and wellness. A breakdown by an actual physician. Not intended to be medical advice.

Product Reviews

ParentingAdventures kids on Ural motorcycle with sidecar

Kid tested and parent approved products. These reviews are based on essential products we have personally used. Good or bad, find out here.


ParentingAdventures dad on stretcher with broken and dislocated ankle. Another day in the life of dad

Being a father has it’s perks. Teaching kids how to use power tools, ride motorcycles, Hotrods, and other things we can’t tell mom about. Also stories about sports.

Whiskey and Wine

Sometimes parents need a little help to get through the rough patches. Other times they need a way to celebrate the easy ones. Come see our thoughts on the Whiskey and Wine we enjoy.

Parenting Escapes

ParentingAdventures with mom and dad at angels game and kid free for the night.

It is also important to do things together. These stories focus on adulting and letting mom and dad reconnect once in a while. Child free adventures.

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