Parent Friendly Products

Banking Industry Failures

By now many of you have read or seen articles about various bank failures. I have seen people shrug it off due to a lack of understanding. Most people do not think it will affect them in any major way. I will admit, I was also that way until I started reading more about what…

Parent Friendly Products

Children – What’s the Point?

I was in a discussion with a patient recently about having kids. Their argument was well thought out and logical. It made me over-analyze the situation because that’s what I do. Children are very much a part of life for many people but why do we have them? The concept of “why” has always interested…


Amazon Return Policy

A few months ago I made a purchase of a motherboard for a new computer build. The mother board was damaged upon receipt of the item. Some pins were bent on various locations of the connectors. I was unable to get the motherboard to function appropriately. This motherboard was not cheap either. It cost almost…

Parent Friendly Products

ATT vs. T-Mobile

For the last 10+ years Jen and I have been customers of ATT. We do not upgrade phones annually like some people. My phone upgrades went from the amazing Nokia Bar phone to an iPhone 3. From that 3 series I went to an iPhone 7 and got one for Jen at that same time.…

Health and Wellness

Parenting Styles Vs. Child Behavior

There are numerous sources that tell you how to be a good parent but very few of them actually present the evidence. In an effort to demystify medical literature for the masses, here are some things to consider when looking at your Parenting Style and how it effects your child’s behavior. The Consensus Psychologist Diana…


Brian Head Utah: Bigger is not Always Better

Season Comparisons At First Glance Brian Head at first glance doesn’t hold weight when put up against the other two larger world class resorts. However, after snowboarding at all three of these resorts throughout my entire life I can honestly say my preference has ALWAYS been Brian Head. Its rustic charm and low key environment…

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