Eclipse Party

When I was a kid my dad would get really excited about the most random things. I remember him waking my brother and I up at 2am, throwing us in the car and driving for what seemed like an eternity to the middle of the desert. If I hadn’t been so young I probably would…

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The Value of Time

I was recently discussing property values in Brian Head Utah with my neighbor. I had recently purchased a plot of land near the ski resort and was trying to convince him to buy some land too. Surprisingly he was up for considering the idea. However, he decided against it due to the drive time. Living…

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CRF-E2 Review

Motorcycles are a great way to set your kids up to be “tough”. They encourage motor skill development, mental fortitude, and perseverance with a sense of adventure. There are few things left in life that offer kids that sense of freedom and danger we all experienced growing up. This year I decided to upgrade from…

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The Butterfly Effect

The air was hot and humid. Another balmy spring day in a coastal community being plagued by the alleged global warming debacle. The kids were mesmerized by the annual transition of our local caterpillars sprouting their wings and seeing the monarch butterfly speckled across my windshield… Ok, maybe not so much the windshield effect, but…

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