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User Questions #1

It has been a slow start to the User generated Health and Wellness category. Luckily, I have a few friends that are horrible human beings with questions they really wanted me to answer. So, with that said, here is the inaugural user based questions with answers from myself (an actual physician).

User Submitted Questions:

  1. Why is one of my testicles lower than the other one?
    • Normally, I would use photos to make the segment more user friendly. I am unable to put a photo of someone’s sack in the post without offending my marketing affiliates. I can at least make an honest attempt at answering the question.

      Your wedding tackle is a unique piece of “equipment”. Everyone has a different length “sack”. Having one testicle that hangs lower than the other is pretty normal. Almost every single patient I have seen has one ball lower than the other. As an anecdotal report with no scientific evidence to support this claim – it is almost always the left side that is lower. Granted, as a sports medicine physician I do not see many sacks. The ones I do see often have the let side lower.

      The reason one side hangs lower is a temperature regulation issue. Testicles are regulated by a complex of veins that are lovingly called the “pampiniform plexus.” they work to regulate temperature. Sperm needs a regulated environment to thrive. It is an adaptation of the body to be able to control the muscles. This allows your coin purse to sag lower or tuck up higher based on ambient temperature.

      One ball will always be slightly lower. This is because the body attempts to adjust the overall height of the testicles to standardize the temperature for them. As you age, the sack itself will unfortunately sag lower and the short hairs will inevitably grow greyer. There is absolutely no reason to worry. Unless your sack hangs so low that it hits the water in a public toilet. In which case, you should probably speak to your physician. Ask for a referral to physical therapy to strengthen your quads. This should allow you to hover above the rim without tea bagging the bowl.

    • It is also noteworthy to mention that the left testicular vein is longer than the right side. The right vein drains directly to the vena cava while the left drains into the left renal vein. this makes the testicle travel a further distance during development and gives it a longer cord.


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